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Our Treatment Rates

We Charge Medical rates

We can claim directly from your medical aid as long as you have fund available. Should your medical aid not cover physiotherapy our treatment rates vary according to condition as follows:

Initial assessment  with treatment of 45-60 minutes: R430-R650 (condition dependent)

Follow-up treatment of 30- 45 minutes: R370-R450 (condition dependent)

Please note the following when making an appointment at Faeda de la Rey Physiotherapy Bryanston:
  • We are able to claim directly from your Medical Aid as long as you have available funds.
  • It is your duty to confirm with your Medical Aid that you have funds available before booking an appointment.
  • Should you decide to pay cash we will be provided with an invoice to submit to the medical aid for refund.
  • The initial appointment is for a detailed assessment after which further appointments will be scheduled based on the treatment that is required.
  • Treatment not cancelled at least 6 working hours prior will be charged in full. This fee will not be covered by your medical aid and you will be liable to settle the amount in cash.
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